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Why visit Croatia
Why visit Croatia

There are so many words to describe the wonders of a trip to Croatia and it's definitely more than a sailing's a destination full of life.  

Pristine sailing waters surround a coastline spotted with UNESCO towns and smaller islands brimming with historical architecture. There is something for everyone whether it's hiking, biking, walking or simply shopping in the many boutique shops found in each port of call. For the foodies, restaurants serve the finest foods with an Italian flavour of pastas and pizzas or local fare of lamb peca and black river eel risotto. In the evening plazas are full of people sipping cocktails or local beer listening to festivals and concerts with music for all ages and genres.   

Croatia has so much to offer, it is the gem of Europe, full of life and waiting to be explored.   There are many ways to explore Croatia by yacht, whether you wish to sail yourself, hire a skipper or be spoilt by crew on a luxury crewed yacht. 

Published...11 Jan 2021. Author...Poseidon Charters.