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Yacht charter FAQ's

Why should I use Poseidon Charters as a yacht broker?

You can book a boat anywhere online these days but for we'd like to share our 25 years' experience in the yachting industry with you and will guide you through the booking process. We have knowledge of all the latest boats, their equipment and can work with you to ensure you get the right boat at the right price. We are fully bonded and licensed by government regulations, so your payments are secure and placed in Intrust accounts until your charter is delivered. We have access to private owner yachts as well as large fleets so can offer you the most comprehensive list of available yachts at any particular destination at the best rates. You pay no more to book a boat with a broker and will receive excellent service throughout the process.

What certificates do I need to sail a yacht?

Full details of certificates and experience are detailed on our charter information pages.

What insurance is required when renting yacht?

All yachts require a security deposit, damage waiver payment or a combination of both to insure them while on charter. You can read more about yacht insurance on our yacht charter information pages.

What is included aboard a charter yacht?

Every charter yacht has a different standard inventory. When we send you a quote, we will provide full details of the yacht inventory. 

Are sheets and towels included on a bareboat?

In most cases sheets, towels and blankets are included but some operators charge for additional bedding and towels. What is included will be detailed at the time of booking.

Are cleaning supplies, utensils, pots and pans included on a bareboat?

Bareboat means that the yacht is stripped of any food or cleaning supplies but is delivered with a full tank of fuel, cooking gas and water. Cooking utensils and cutlery are always included.

Is there electricity aboard, how will I charge my camera batteries?

All yachts have marine batteries to operate electrical equipment with 12V cigarette lighter adapter for charging camera batteries and small accessories. It is wise to bring a 12V adapter for your devices. Some yachts also have inverters, shore power cables and generators to provide electricity aboard.

Where do I provision my yacht?

In some cases, you will be able to provision online - ask for the form when you have booked. In many cases a driver at the marina can take you to the supermarket and you can bring your provisions back with you, alternatively, many stores deliver to the yacht - you just need to remember your pier number and yacht name. 

How do I get a weather forecast?

During the check-in procedure the base staff will inform you of the local weather sources.

Will there be charts or a cruising guide to the area aboard?

There are always current charts and cruising guides provided on charter boats.

What navigation equipment is included?

All navigation equipment is included such as binoculars, hand compass and course plotting equipment. Many yachts also have or offer GPS.

What if there is a mechanical problem and how am I compensated?

All yacht operators leave telephone and e-mail contacts, so they can assist if there is a problem. Yacht charter contracts stipulate the refundability of specific yachts if there is a delay due to breakdown.

How do I contact the base in an emergency and how can someone contact me?

Base or operator contact information (telephone number and e-mail contact) will be provided with your arrival information details. 

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