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Yacht with skipper in Croatia
Yacht with skipper in Croatia

It's been a busy few months since the world of travel opened back up and we're delighted to see so many of our customers finally taking their trips they planned over two years ago.  Back in June, two families from Canada sailed in tandem in Croatia with the two Bruno skippers and we're told they had a blast!! 

A fact you may not know, but when two boats are joined together on anchor it's called rafting. It's the perfect way to party when you have two boats together!! A picture speaks a thousand words so enjoy a few pics from this early June yacht charter with skipper in Croatia aboard the stunning Astrea 52 and Elba 45. We love the BBQ feature at the back of these boats. A great social area to enjoy the outdoor life while preparing the freshest catch of the day while sailing in Croatia! 

Thank you for booking with us the Megg's and Richardson families. 

A skippered charter is a the same as a yacht charter, but with a professional skipper onboard. Professional skippers offer much more than sailing the yacht, they are the host to the country you are sailing in and can provide the local knowledge enabling you to really experience the local culture and highlights of each destination. Chartering a yacht with a skipper is a great idea if you are a new or uncertified sailor planning your first yacht charter holiday or an experienced sailor who would like a more relaxing charter experience.



Published...11/08/2022. Author...Poseidon Charters.