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Yacht with skipper in Greece
Yacht with skipper in Greece

We always say it's not if you'll go to Greece... it's when! So you've decided this is the year you take a yacht and sail the Greek islands, but what if you don't know your bow from your bowline!

Back in 2019, the Sochaj family decided 2020 was the year for them to sail the Greek islands, but sadly Covid-19 put a halt to their plans. In 2022 it all finally came together and they chartered a lovely Lagoon 450F catamaran called Amare I. As the family wanted to enjoy a more relaxing sail, they hired a skipper to be onboard with them. Their skipper Stelios, not only sailed the boat, but he showed them his Greece, the best bays and restaurants and we know the group learned a bit about sailing too. The Sochaj family took the time to write a review on Google about their experience of a yacht with skipper in Greece which we really appreciated. Read the full review on Google


A skippered charter is a the same as a yacht charter, but with a professional skipper onboard. Professional skippers offer much more than sailing the yacht, they are the host to the country you are sailing in and can provide the local knowledge enabling you to really experience the local culture and highlights of each destination. Chartering a yacht with a skipper is a great idea if you are a new or uncertified sailor planning your first yacht charter holiday or an experienced sailor who would like a more relaxing charter experience.